• The WECHA annual meeting was held on May 22, 2022. Thank you to all who attended. The board has approved the meeting minutes which are now available by clicking the blue button below.


  • ​2022 DUES STATEMENTS have been mailed to each home address in early June. If you have not yet made your dues payment please do so as soon as possible.  Remember any payments outstanding PAST 60 DAYS from the invoice will be subject to a late fee and finance charges. 

  • VOTING RESULTS have been tabulated and ratified by the board. The Amendment to our Declarations and to our Bylaws regarding leasing, fences, pools, ACC procedures, fair voting procedures, meeting notices, board of directors, and committees, passed overwhelmingly. If you want to see a copy of the amendment language, voting ballet, or tabulated totals please get in touch with the board. 





The Woods at Elm Creek

Homeowners Association

Photography courtesy of Joel Bakker, a WECHA resident. All images captured on or around the Woods at Elm Creek neighborhood.

Welcome to The Woods at Elm Creek 

Homeowners Association Website!


Welcome to the website for the homeowner members of The Woods at Elm Creek.  The board members of the association intention is to use it as a tool to improve communications with our members and community.  Look for current contact information for each board member, a listing of requests made to the board and the status of the requests, board meeting minutes, association annual budget, board activities, a copy of The Woods at Elm Creek Homeowners Covenants, upcoming events, friendly links to useful information, and an easy way to contact the board with suggestions, comments, inquiries, etc.  We welcome your input for ways to use the site and information that you would like to see posted.

Champlin, Minnesota

Updated July 28, 2022