​Paying Your Annual Dues

How can I pay?

Starting in 2023, you can pay via Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits. Mail-in payments are still welcome. Opt for electronic invoicing to get your dues invoice by email. Fill out and return the ACH Debit Authorization Form by mail or email to get started.

Making Changes to Your Property

Do I need approval for property changes?

Yes. Before making any architectural changes, contact the Association Architectural Control Committee. Assistance is just a click away!

I've noticed covenant breaches with my neighbor. What do I do?

If you spot activities that might breach WECHA covenants on a neighbor's property, please notify the HOA board via email. The board does not self-police. We must all work together to maintain the community's aesthetic and property value.

General Information

When is the HOA meeting?

Our annual Homeowner meeting is every Spring at either the Champlin Ice Forum or the JRAC (Jerry Rupelius Athletic Complex). Details are posted on our website 30 days prior.

Is parking allowed on the streets?
Street parking in Champlin is allowed until 2:00 a.m.

Are parking boats, trailers, or campers in the driveway or my yard allowed?

Parking boats, trailers, or campers in driveways or yards is not permitted. Use your garage for storage.

Selling or Buying a Home

I am selling your home. What do I do?

You must inform the association. Your title company will have a form the association needs to complete. Also, provide your agent with the link to our website. This is where prospective buyers have access to the covenants and bylaws. You'll also need to request a current dues statement to assure prospective buyers that your HOA dues are current and no back dues exist for the buyers. Read more here.

I just bought a home here. What do I do?

Welcome! Please update your contact details via email to keep our records current. Familiarize yourself with our covenants, and reach out with any project queries.

Pets, Sheds, and Outdoor Changes

I am considering a dog and a fence. What should I do?

Fences are not allowed, but invisible dog fencing is permitted.

I want to build a shed. What should I do?

Sheds are not permitted. For more details, contact a board member.

About Your Dues

What do my dues cover?

Dues fund landscaping, insurance for common areas, accounting, legal fees, website maintenance, and communication expenses, among others.

Exterior Changes and Tree Management

Can I paint my house or change my siding?

Yes. But, as with any exterior modifications, all exterior changes need an architectural review. We encourage natural and neutral colors.

Do I need board approval to take down trees on my property?
Removal of overgrown or diseased trees doesn't require approval.

I want to plant new trees on my property, do I need approval?
It is always a good idea to contact the board anytime you are changing landscaping or planting trees. There are provisions for landscaping in our Articles and bylaws. The Architectural Control Committee must review and approve your plan to ensure it meets these conditions.

Additional Information

How do I get a copy of the covenants?

Access and print the covenants and bylaws directly from our website. You can find them prominently on the home page.

Who do I contact to get my cul-de-sac island cleaned up?

Contact a board member through our email for assistance. 

Our mailbox is damaged, how do I get it fixed?

Contact a board member through our email for assistance. Note, that although the HOA owns the mailboxes, the mailboxes are regulated by the U.S. Postal Service.

Can I store my garbage/recycle container(s) outside?

No. Containers must be stored inside, per our covenants. See HOA Covenants Article X, section 9.

Home Additions

I want to put an addition to my home. What is the approval process?

Exterior additions require board approval. Engage an architect and submit your plans for review. Any changes to the exterior of a home, including the addition of a structure or design changes, must be approved by the Association board before construction can begin.

For any other questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out or contact us directly at thewoodsatelmcreek@gmail.com.

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