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Q -  What changes to my property require review and approval by the Association                 Architectural Control Committee before the change is made?

Contact us. We are here to help! Click Here

Q -  What to do if I see activity on another homeowners property which may not adhere

to the WECHA covenants?

As the Association operates as a "concerned" based system, it is the responsibility of all homeowner/members to report any possible covenant infractions. This reporting is the only way to consistently and continually allow the Board and Architectural Control Committee to uphold the covenants and ultimately the aesthetic and monetary value of our properties. 

Q -  When is the HOA meeting?

The annual Homeowner meeting occurs every Spring and is held at the Champlin Ice            Forum. Look for information about this meeting date and time on our website. We will           post this information within 30 days of the meeting date.

Q -  Can I park my car on the street?

The city of Champlin allows street parking until 2:00 a.m.        

Q Is parking boats, trailers, and/or campers in the driveway or in my yard allowed?

No. You may always use your garage to store these items but they are not permitted to be   parked and stored in your driveway. Please refer to Article X section 9. If you have any          questions please contact the association board. 

Q - I am selling my home.  Does my realtor need to know about the association?
Yes, your realtor will have a form the association needs to complete.
Also, provide the realty company with the link to The Woods At Elm Creek website                 "" for use in your marketing material. This is

where prospective buyers have access to the covenants and bylaws.

Request a current dues statement to assure prospective buyers that your HOA dues are current and no back dues exist for the buyers.

- I recently purchased a home in The Woods, do I need to contact the association?
Yes, you access The Woods At Elm Creek website and use the Contact Us link.

Provide your name and property address so we can update our mailing lists and HOA dues accounting statements. It is your responsibility as a new homeowner to read and understand the covenants. If you have any questions about the need for approval on a project, please   contact the board. 

- I want to get a dog. Can I put up a fence?
No. Yard fencing is prohibited per HOA Covenants Article X , section 11. However,                  underground Invisible dog fencing is permitted.

Q - I want to build a shed. Is this allowed?
No, sheds are not allowed. Please refer to Article X section 13-14 or contact a board              member if you have questions.

Q What things do my dues pay for?
Landscaping and upkeep of the 20+ islands and entry’s we maintain, Insurance for the          common areas, water bills and maintenance for the association owned sprinkler systems,  accounting services, occasional legal fees, website domain, and printing/postage for any homeowner mailings to list a few.

Q I want to paint or change siding on my house. Can I paint/make it a different color?
All exterior changes require architectural review and approval of the association board.      Please refer to HOA Covenants Article VI section 3, and Article X section 3. Our covenants support only natural and neutral exterior coloring for homes in The Woods.

Q - Do I need to approval to take down trees on my property?

No. Homeowners are permitted to remove overgrown or diseased trees without                    consulting the board.

Q - I want to plant new trees on my property, do I need approval?
It is always a good idea to contact the board anytime you are changing landscaping or           planting trees. There are provisions for landscaping in our Articles and bylaws and the         Association Board and architectural control committee must review and approve your plan to assure it meets these conditions.

Q - How do I get a copy of the covenants?
Click Here to find the covenants and bylaws for The Woods At Elm Creek HOA. You are free to look at them or print your own copy at  any time from this location.

Q - Who do I contact to get my cul-de-sac island cleaned up?

Contact a board member via our website. Click here.

Q - Our mailbox is ready to fall over, how do I get it fixed?

Contact a board member at  and identify your property address to initiate the repair/replacement process.

Q - Can I store my garbage/recycle container(s) outside?

No. Please see HOA Covenants Article X section 9. All trash containers must be stored          inside.

Q - I want to put an addition onto my home. What is the approval process?
Any exterior structure or design changes need to be done with an architect and require a   submitted plan to the Association board for review and approval prior to any                          construction. We have many specific provisions in the covenants and bylaws that

need to be considered with any exterior changes. For more information, please Click Here to call or email a board member.